ChromeEngage Review

What is ChromEngage and how is it helpful?

ChromEngage next level marketing

ChromEngage next level marketing

ChromEngage is a platform which is Cloud based and enables you to turn any website straightaway into a Chrome extension for traffic and lead generation and also allows you to make use of push notifications and press alerts getting your website functioning on a directory site used by billions of people.

Nowadays, Google Chrome is the most famous web browser and it’s become a trend to use Chrome for anything and everything. The traffic generated on this website is increasing incredibly each day. Hence, getting a chrome extension will not just pull the entire traffic to your website like a magnet but also extend your market massively.

Generally, gathering the email leads by the way of Chrome extensions is one of the methods for lead generation and one can do it by publishing a plug-in on the Chrome App Store. But if you are not aware of such techniques you may face a lot of troubles since you are not a programmer. In this case, ChromEngage can help you out.

Fortunately, ChromEngage has the capability of building Chrome extensions for your website on absolute autopilot. Hence, even beginners can master it and can build up several extensions for additional benefits.

Now, let’s have a look at ChromEngage review:


What are the features of ChromEngage?

You can use ChromEngage:

To build chrome extensions: One can create many extensions as it takes very less time to create an extension. So one can quickly create several extensions by simply just entering the required details and then letting the software do its task. You don’t need to touch upon any technical parts as the software will do that work for you. Also, this entire work is done on complete autopilot.

To create push notifications: If a user just even downloads your extension there is a possibility that he may not pay any heed to it after downloading and in this case you may not get any leads. Hence, pop up alerts are essential to keep reminding them about it. ChromEngage allows push notifications that pops up on the user’s screen every now and then. These kind of notifications asks for the contact information of the users even though they haven’t opened the extensions even once. This ensures great amount of lead generation.

To integrate to email auto responders: Once you start getting leads from the users, there has to be an auto email responder system to be set up so that the users gets instant replies. Instant replies increases your chance to boost profits as well. This is because quick replies makes sure to complete a lead and not let it go simply due to delay. ChromEngage readily allows you for such integration.

To customize your messages: ChromEngage is quite flexible and works according to your requirements. You can customize your messages the way you want in terms of colors, font styles and even the way they are supposed to opt-in. There are many other options through which your messages will be customized according to you. Every single thing is easily available on the dashboard in the widget section.

To direct the users wherever you want: You can direct all users wherever you wish to direct them. Be it any web page or website, you can direct the users there by copy pasting all the links and adding them to the extension. This creates additional or increased traffic on your website and can you ensure getting enough leads through it.

To upgrade the previous extensions: If you wish to add some more features to your extensions which are previously published, you can do that very easily and quickly. You can easily attract more number of users by this. ChromEngage allows creation of upgrade packages in the form of zip files which you can upload effortlessly to the Chrome App Store.

To create a new and a creative way for online marketing: Online marketing is the most convenient and an efficient way of marketing your services or products and creating a business brand for yourself. This ChromEngage review simply indicates that it is the best way of online marketing creating traffic of a billion people on your website.

To create an easy dashboard: ChromEngage is very convenient and easy to use and it covers every trend or niche with regular support and updates and a very simple to understand dashboard enabling everything you want.

In this ChromEngage review we shall also discuss how exactly to get started with this platform. Steps to get started with ChromEngage:

Create extensions: Firstly you need to create your extensions. You can create several extensions for your websites.

Get a campaign ready: You can make a campaign and also customize it according to you. ChromEngage allows you to completely customize the campaign in terms of many things.

Enter information: One needs to enter all the details asked for in the section of campaign details. Usually there aren’t any great details asked and it makes the process very time efficient and easy. One needs to just enter information about the website links and the sites where they want the users to get redirected.

Push notifications: After all this, the next step is creating your push notifications. You can get it customized and make it work according to your needs.

Submission: Then, you can get it submitted to the Chrome Extension directory.

Get it approved: Get your extensions approved only after which it goes live and then you can connect the entire system to your website.

Get leads: After this procedure is done, the main work of traffic generation starts and you can begin collecting the leads.

This procedure goes very quick and is not at all technical. Any person can easily get it done by himself and get stated using the ChromEngage as it is very user friendly and simple.


How does ChromEngage work?

Please watch a demo of ChromEngage in action

Who should purchase ChromEngage and how?

ChromEngage is strongly recommended to all the affiliate markets. Creating and retaining genuine leads is very important and essential for any business. It is also strongly recommend for anyone looking to make some money online. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on lead management strategies, you can simply go in for this product. ChromEngage creates a very strong digital market for your business and can boost up your sales effectively. You can order ChromEngage online and get an integrated technology ready very simply and quickly and get started with your business boosting among billions of people.

Where can I get ChromEngage ?

If you want to increase your revenue using this incredible marketing tool, you can get it from their site here :


Why not try it today?

The best way to learn more is to visit the official ChromEngage website today.

When you drop by, you’ll be able to enjoy a product tour, access free training and get the pricing information that you want. You may also access an authentic ChromEngage download from the website, whenever you’re ready to buy this brilliant and cost-effective software package. So why don’t you try it out today? It has our seal of approval.